I’m a Mum living in Adelaide, South Australia and I have three children, currently aged 17, 16 and 8.  I enjoy researching on the internet, whether a recipe, a craft demonstration or handy life hacks.  I have found, not surprisingly, that the content is largely American.  While still very interesting, this can be problematic for me.  I can struggle to find a specific product that appears plentiful in America, but unheard of in Australia.  Our cup and spoon measurements are different (we use millilitres) which can easily mess up a recipe.  Believe me, I mess up my recipes plenty without this extra challenge!  I aim to convert some of my favourite finds online to be more Aussie-friendly.

I do paid work part-time but my most important job is that of mother.  I’m fortunate that I’ve been able to be a part-time stay-at-home Mum for most of my childrens’ lives.  It can be tricky balancing the finances to allow for this. There always seems to be something to spend your money on and as kids get older, their tastes are generally much more expensive.  I hope others will benefit from my experience and find some of my tips helpful.

My youngest child is Matt.  He is in year 3 at school.  He loves to write narratives (what people my age know as ‘stories’) and wants to include some of them on the blog.  He also plans to write some book reviews.  We hope you and your young people will enjoy them.